Jamyang Jamtsho Wangchuk

Jamyang is an actor, filmmaker and an advocate for the environment. He grew up in the remote district of Pema Gatshel in Bhutan with no electricity and telephone. During holidays, he’d often trek with his father, walking through forests for weeks. This gradually nurtured his love for the natural world. In 1996, he was visiting family friends in Hong Kong when a casting agent spotted him. At 14, he went from living in remote Bhutan to sharing screen space with Brad Pitt, playing the young Dalai Lama in ‘Seven Years in Tibet’. This was his introduction to filmmaking.

The pandemic has clearly reflected our damaged relationship with the natural world. Jamyang was in New York in March 2020 where he saw a world in total chaos that left a deep impact on him. A week after WHO declared Covid-19 as a pandemic, he was infected with the virus. At one point, he contemplated the possibility of dying from the virus, which was followed by countless questions he had for himself: What is my purpose in life? If I get through this, how can I create a positive impact with what I do? These questions in particular have driven him since and gave birth to this campaign.